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Hiking Tour in Rio Perlas

Hiking Tour in Rio Perlas

There are several hiking trails, a few swimming holes that are astonishing, several picnic areas and an abundance of wildlife. Other hiking trails extending through Rio Perlas leads to waterfalls and scenic overlooks, although visitors wishing to take full advantage of the vistas are advised to come early, before the afternoon clouds roll in. Indeed, at elevations that vary from 4,000-8,000 feet, clouds are quite common up here. Most of the Resort trails take 1-3 hours to hike. The Resort encompass two life zones - lower montane rainforest and pre-montane rainforest, which vary according to elevation. The forests of the Resort provide a habitat for 45 species of mammals that include the paca, tapir, kinkajou, white-nosed coati, raccoon, eastern cottontail, white-faced capuchin monkey, agouti, ocelot, and the endangered jaguarundi. Over 400 species of birds live within the Resort – quetzals, emerald toucanets, sparrow hawks, violaceous trogons and hummingbirds – as do 28 species of reptiles and amphibians. The insect population within the Resort is quite large as well. Fortunate visitors may even be able to spot the thysania agripina, the largest known butterfly on the entire American continent. The Rivers are full with life – mainly trout fish. The tree and plant population is also well represented, with oak trees and Panama trees, magnolias, bromeliads, and several types of orchids growing within the Resort. Needless to say, hiking, swimming, picnicking and bird watching are all popular at the Area.

Hiking Tour in Rio Perlas
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